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Whenever there’s a significant change, we’ll let you know with a notice on our website. If the updates don’t quite work for you, you may choose to stop using our services and unsubscribe. The data that you have used before the cancellation you can still use freely for your own purposes.

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Our privacy policy is refreshingly simple.

We only work with information that's already public.

Consider us your diligent and meticulous guides through the digital world, only sharing what you could see for yourself on public social media pages.

Rest assured, we respect privacy—no private details are gathered or stored beyond what is needed to keep our site running smoothly for you.


Just like many websites you visit, we use cookies to make your experience on our platform smoother and more enjoyable. These little helpers enable features like keeping you logged in so you can jump right back into action without a hitch. Rest assured, they’re perfectly safe and pretty standard across the web!

We know you’re here for our Video Scripts, and we use that data to better understand how you use our site. This helps us tweak and improve our features to keep them interesting and useful for you. We rely on tools like Google Analytics to enhance our services and ensure we’re meeting your needs.

For any payments, such as subscriptions, we use trusted third parties like Stripe. This means we never store any of your credit card details directly, keeping your payment information secure and your mind at ease.


We do not directly hold any private information.

When you create an account, your email address and password are securely encrypted and stored by Memberstack, not on our servers.

We recommend using unique passwords for different sites.

For paid services, the associated email and your name are stored by Memberstack. Credit card processing is handled exclusively by our payment processor, Stripe, and not by us.

Both Stripe and Memberstack are responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of your payment information in compliance with PCI DSS and other relevant regulations.

They use encryption, tokenization, and advanced fraud prevention measures to protect your data.

If you link a social media account, Memberstack stores an authorization token but not your password. Every website visit is logged with an IP address, necessary for fraud prevention. We are clear: the private data collected is solely to operate our website.

We do not sell or give away your data.


We prioritize your privacy and offer clear options for controlling your personal information:

  1. Account Deletion:
    • To completely remove your account and all associated data, please adjust your settings in your account settings on our platform. Memberstack will handle the deletion of your data.
  2. Regarding Payment Information and Member Login Details:
    • For issues related to payment information or member login credentials, please contact our third-party providers, Stripe and Memberstack, directly. They manage these sensitive details to ensure your security and privacy.

We are committed to facilitating a straightforward and secure management of your data. If you have any questions or require assistance with the provided processes, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help ensure your experience is hassle-free!


Just to keep everyone safe and everything above board, we might need to share some information if it helps us comply with legal requirements, prevent any naughty activities, ensure everyone's safety, or support legal matters.

We're all about keeping our community secure and our operations transparent!


Just a little heads-up: Our site includes some links to other cool spots on the web, which are run by different folks. We don't have a say in how they manage privacy, so if you hop over to them, take a peek at their privacy policies to see how they do things!


Just so you know: We team up with some third-party API services to keep our stats fresh and current. Don't worry, though—we only gather data that's publicly available and steer clear of any private account details!