Welcome to our Terms of Service agreement. This document governs your use of our SaaS platform, including our website, apps, and the data we provide. If you do not agree with these terms, please cease using our platform, uninstall our apps, and refrain from using our data.


Hey there! Just a heads-up: We might tweak the terms and conditions of our agreement now and then for various reasons. Whenever we make a big change, we’ll be sure to post a notice on our website. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on these updates. If you’re not on board with the new terms, you should stop using our site, uninstall any apps, and stop using our data.

Also, a quick note on the data we provide: we can’t guarantee it’s perfect all the time, but we do our best. Remember, using our platform means you’re at least 13 years old, and if you’re younger, you've got the green light from your legal guardian.

The cool part? The data we use comes from public sources. We gather it with our own tools, then tweak and tailor it to give you something unique—so while the info starts out public, the way we mix it up makes it uniquely ours!


Here’s the scoop: While you’re totally welcome to use our video scripts to jazz up your own social media channels and monetize them, please keep them to yourself—no sharing or reselling. We love that you can make some coin with our scripts on your channels, but let’s keep it fair and square for everyone, okay?

Oh, and a friendly reminder: mass copying data from our website by botting, crawling, scraping, or any similar shenanigans is a big no-no and could lead to us having to say goodbye to you (which we really don't want to do!). Let's play it cool and respect the rules so we can all keep enjoying the goodies!


To keep statistical data up-to-date, we utilize third-party API services, including but not limited to platforms like YouTube. We collect only publicly available data through these APIs unless specific access is granted to validate identities or verify account ownership.

Private data collected via an authorized token is not stored; it is only used for verification purposes. If you wish to revoke our access, you can manage permissions via each platform's connected services page, or you can request deletion of the token through a support ticket. If you decide to delete your account entirely, including all connected data, this can be done via your account settings page


Just a heads-up: if you switch tiers, your trial period will end immediately, and you'll be charged for the new tier. So, make sure you're happy with your FREE trial on the tier of choice before making the switch!